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How to move your domain name away from YellWe have worked with a number of customers who have left Yell / Hibu. Although they do try to put up a bit of a fight to hold on to you, moving your domain name away from Yell is fairly straight forward.

There are two ways to approach the issue depending on how quickly you would like to move away. The first is an immediate cancellation and move. What will happen is that Yell will cancel your web site with them and move the domain to another provider but this of course means that you may be without a web site.

The second option, which we suggest, is that you have a new web site built and then cancel everything with them and have your domain name moved over to us or your new provider. Either way, the process is fairly simple. All you will need to do is:

Most businesses now have a web site however there are still some people holding out, unsure if they actually require one so we have put together four things to think about if you are still undecided.


Just like having a postal address and telephone number dedicated to your business, a web site shows your customers that you are a 'real' business and are taking things seriously. It can even make you look bigger than you are. You may be a one man band, working from the shed in the back garden but your web site can make you look much bigger and prestigious.

seo evaluation mainSEO, just like web site design, is a difficult market to navigate. Anyone and everyone with a laptop can set up a business and proclaim that they are an search engine optimisation expert however just like most other service businesses, there are ways to evaluate whether they are any good before you hand over any money.

It is important to do your research because it is very easy to harm a web site's ranking and make the situation even worse meaning that even fewer people will find your business online.

There's certainly no shortage of SEO tips available on the internet but they are generic. What you need is someone who understands SEO but who also understands your business, what you are selling and the technicalities of your web site. You may find someone who is great at SEO but if they have only worked on Joomla web sites and yours is a WordPress site, things may not go as smoothly as you would like.

If you have just had a new web site designed or you are in the process of marketing your old one, Google Adwords is a great way to get new customers to your web site. Although we recommend search engine optimisation as a longer term, cheaper way of getting customers to your web site, Adwords does have some benefits.

If you have ever set up Adwords yourself, you could be forgiven for being confused with the vast array of terminology used and settings that are available, and it is often the case that people end up spending a lot more on their Adwords that needed. Google provide a lot of settings that allow you to perfectly tweak your ads so that you get the most value for your money.

Search engine optimisation can be a frustrating beast. As Google and the other search engines have advanced over the years, optimising your web site to climb the rankings has become more difficult and takes longer.

Added to that your situation is different to everyone else’s - you have a different business, different location and different web site - so there is no manual that will give you a step-by-step guide on how to make sure your web site ranks higher than your competitors. There's too many X factors - too many unknowns for a guide to be useful or accurate.

SEO is part art and part science - somethings will work in every situation, others need to be tried and tested.

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