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How do you deal with the spam messages that you receive in your e-mail inbox every day?

Do you find yourself logging in early, perhaps even getting to work early, to sort through what are good e-mails - e-mails from customers - and those that are junk, just to clear your inbox before work starts properly?

Spam e-mails have been around for so long now that many people have just given up and accept it as part of the modern world but it does not need to be like this. If you are receiving lots of spam e-mails there are things that you can do to cut down on them.

Good hosting with spam protection

Why not change your web / e-mail hosting to a new provider which offers spam protection as part of the service? Many hosting providers, including us, offer a filter system which will catch most of the spam messages from reaching your inbox. They use algorithms to identify messages that are spam and take care of them before you know about it.

Contact form captchas

A lot of businesses receive spam messages directly through their own web site's through contact or enquiry forms. You can easily add a 'captcha' button to your form which will stop all but legitimate contact from actual customers getting through. These do not need to be the awful forms where people have to type in a confusing or hard to read phrase either. A simple tick box can be implemented and this will stop the spammers from contacting you through your site. See our contact page to see one in action.

Although simple and very easy to set up, these two steps can dramatically and immediately cut down on the number of junk messages that get through to you saving your time and frustration.


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